How to live a fulfilling sexual life after menopause?

Menopause often rhymes with a drop in pleasure hormones, desire problems, and even pain during penetration. However, menopause should not stop sexuality. How to live a fulfilled sexuality after menopause? 

Recreate moments of pleasure for two 

In order to regain the libido of yesteryear, it is important to recreate moments of pleasure and complicity as a couple. With your partner, practice activities together. Go out as a couple. For example, you can go out to the movies or restaurants more often or cook together at home. These moments of complicity will allow you to be again in seduction. 

Don’t neglect foreplay 

After menopause, women tend to neglect foreplay. This is a mistake. It is rather during this period that it is necessary to maximize the foreplay because the body of the woman records many changes. For example, the vagina becomes narrow or very dry. Foreplay will therefore help to arouse the woman’s excitement and get her sex wet. 

Do not hesitate to ask your partner to caress and stimulate areas of your body that give you more pleasure. To facilitate penetration, you can opt for the use of lubricants. 

Don’t focus on performance 

After menopause, it is possible to reach orgasm. But it should no longer be a performance to be achieved at all costs. 

The sexual act at this stage of life should just be a part of pleasure and sharing for two. Itis not for having baby or for showing his partner his performance.

 Avoid focusing on the organ because it can be a great hindrance to your sexual fulfillment. In addition, despite your age, don’t hesitate to try new sexual practices. Cunnilingus or the 69 position will surely allow you to take enough pleasure.