Some natural tips to treat vaginal mycosis

Vaginal mycosis, a benign infection is very uncomfortable, and affect women during pregnancy or menopause. To cure or relieve it, there are several natural tips. What are these tips? 


Our grandmothers know perfectly well that garlic is a great ally against all kinds of bacteria and fungi. Scientists wanted to confirm the properties of this condiment which plays a great role in the dishes as well as the breath in a durable way. To do this, they isolated the allicin which is the active principle of garlic. 

Indeed, it is to allicin that garlic owes its antimicrobial action. Then, in the laboratory, they confronted this active principle with microorganisms such as Candida. After this experiment, it was observed that allicin stops the development of bacteria and prevents them from colonizing the environment. A study that pushes to double the doses of garlic in our dishes to treat mycosis. The less reckless will disappear with the use of food supplements made with garlic extract standardized in allicin.

Natural cider vinegar

Thanks to the enzymes of which it is composed, cider vinegar facilitates the multiplication of good bacteria, while adjusting the hydrogen potential (pH) of the body. Speaking of its use, you can put it regularly in your dishes and dressings. You can also dilute 1 drop of vinegar in a glass of water and drink the mixture once or twice a day when the crisis occurs. It doesn’t sound very good, but it’s effective.

Use the right underwear 

Wearing tight-fitting synthetic clothing and underwear can lead to vaginal yeast infections. This type of clothing only keeps moisture in your private area, which encourages the growth of fungus-causing bacteria. If you’ve already had yeast infections, opt for loose-fitting clothing around the crotch and cotton underwear, for example. This kind of underwear will allow your private parts to breathe and will prevent you from having recurrent mycosis.