Unusual places to make love outside

When the urge to make love comes, it is the bed in the room that comes to mind. However, there are places where making love will give novelty and spice to couples. Let’s discover the unusual places to make love outside.

In the car

The car is the most fantasized place to make love outside. The setting brings back the teenage years but with a mature side. It is the spontaneity in which one passes to the act which gives him its charm. The risk of being surprised by users or even being filmed by a camera is not to be neglected. But considering the pleasure it brings, the risk of being caught having sex in your car is worth the cost.

At the cinema

Satisfying your urge in the middle of a crowd is a great art. Choose a time when it’s less crowded, go into the theater first and sit in a corner at the back. The cinema is the most unusual place to make love outside.  The light and the atmosphere make you feel like you are out of time and in another world. When the theater is too full, you should stop only at the preliminaries and avoid penetration because you can never be too careful; a spectator could come late and make an unpleasant surprise.

The fitting room

This is a very common male fantasy. It is best to choose busy periods in a large store with enough fitting rooms; the absence or occupation of the room will not be noticed too quickly the time to finish satisfying themselves. One of the partners chooses a garment, and goes to a fitting room. He then asks the other to come and appreciate his choice. You should not let yourself go too much and make too many sudden movements; the partitions of the cabins are very thin.